Join the Great Adventure: A Safari in Dubai!

Your journey to adventure begins now! We invite you to take part in the most captivating contest-giveaway of the year - Safari in Dubai!

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Even though we are in the middle of the hot season, we are working

We are in the middle of the warm season, off-season, and this allows us to plan for the coming season and prepare some surprises

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Summer vacation in Dubai - recommendations

Have you wanted to get to Dubai and your vacation is only in the summer? No problem!

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Holiday in Dubai during Ramadan

Ramadan is an important time in Dubai and tourists are encouraged to be respectful and consider local traditions and customs.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour - discover the beauty of Capital of UAE

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque or Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This is the largest mosque in the Emirates and the eighth largest mosque

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Goodbye 2022... Hello 2023...

On the last day of December, Dubai offers us a series of fireworks to usher in the new year. It is one of the most spectacular ways to celebrate

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Today I present to you Marta, the gentlest camel in the desert

As you well know, in our safari packages you have camel ride and ride. Let's find out something about these wonderful beings, undeniable helpers

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Dubai to celebrate 51st UAE National Day with fireworks and shows

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Come on Safari! Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed!

One of the most spectacular and adrenaline-filled activities you can do in Dubai is SAFARI

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The grand reopening of the new Global Village season is today

Global Village is the place where you meet cultures from over 80 countries around the world

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