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If you came to Dubai and don't go on safari, you came in vain ...

  • Adina N.
  • 2 June 2022
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If you came to Dubai and don't go on safari, you came in vain ...

Let me tell you about Safari!

I recommend evening Safari because there are several activities included in our packages. The whole adventure starts around 2-3 PM, when our drivers will come to pick you up from the hotel with 4x4 cars.

Depending on the number of people in your group, the tour may be private, or you will share this experience in the car with other tourists, but this is never a problem, on the contrary, you can make new acquaintances, friends.

The road to the desert is about 40-45 minutes, the distances are considerable in Dubai, and we go with our tourists in an area with golden-reddish sand, with high dunes only good for a quality bashing dune, which our experienced drivers they will give it to you.

The adrenaline starts the moment you leave the highway ... The drivers go down to deflate the wheels for a good grip and to form a caravan of cars, and after a short break the cars start dancing on the sand heated by the love of the sun. The first few minutes you will say: "mmmm, how cute! Our driver really makes sure we feel comfortable in this dune ride!" Well, very true! Your driver really has everything under control! There are drivers with over 10 years of experience! It's just that it was just warming up! What follows will be feelings and sensations that you will not forget! The Land Crouser and especially their drivers know no bounds ... the cars will bend and twist at a dizzying pace, following a route known only to drivers, among the endless sand dunes. You will find out, on this occasion, what dune bashing means: a kind of off-road surfing among the dunes, in which you feel like in a roller-coaster! Surfing on the ridge of the red sand dunes, in a caravan of cars, in the middle of nowhere, at sunset, that gives the experience!

You will stop in the desert to get your plate on the sand, while you can admire the sunset, which is fantastic! The combination of light and shadow on the golden-reddish dunes, the sky that acquires fabulous colors will be a perfect setting for an unforgettable photo shoot!

Did you think the evening was over? No ... the adventure continues!

Once evening, you will go to the camp, where you will be able to walk with camels, you will be able to get henna tattoos, you will be able to smoke hookah and you will be able to wear traditional Arabic costumes for pictures.


You will also have a live show while enjoying soft drinks, water, tea, coffee and dinner. In the show you will see Belly dance, fire show, and tanura dance.


It would be recommended for safari to dress lightly, not short skirts, because the wind usually blows, you can also climb on the camel, maybe you will want it with the ATV and it may not be a suitable choice! Something extra to wear for the evening should be cool! Footwear is also light ... sandals, slippers or higher boots, very fine sand will enter you everywhere, even where the sun doesn't shine! :)


Once the show is over, the driver will be waiting for you in the car and you will return to your hotel with unforgettable memories, with the regret that it is over, with the thought that you will do it again and full of sand!


We are waiting for you with us for such an experience, in which our priority is your safety!


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  1. Paul
    Posted by Paul|2022-06-09

    It was an amazing experience! I totally recommend.

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