Miracle Garden

Must you need to see in your visit in Dubai

  • Adina N.
  • 1 June 2022
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  • Let me tell you about one of the attractions that you should not miss on your visit to Dubai! Dubai Miracle Garden - a flower paradise! Located in the district of Dubailand, the garden was opened on Valentine's Day in 2013. It has an area of ​​over 72,000 square meters, making it the largest natural flower garden in the world! It has over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants arranged in such a way that you will surely be fascinated! The main attraction in Miracle Garden is the life-size Emirates Airline A380. Located in the heart of the Garden, the A380 is covered with over 500,000 fresh flowers. Miracle Garden is only open from October to April. Every year there is a different theme of the floral arrangements, so the visit to Dubai Miracle Garden will be a novelty from season to season. Guinness World Records recognized the Dubai Miracle Garden records for the 3 records, ie the largest floral installation in 2017, the highest topiary art in 2018 and the largest topiary art in 2019. Topiary art means the technique of modeling - cutting and cut - living trees and shrubs, giving them ornamental shapes. The plants used are usually evergreens and woody shrubs or small trees that have a thicker foliage. The art has been practiced since the day when Romanians introduced artisanal design elements in their gardens. Book 2-3 hours a day to visit this "corner of heaven" and you will surely be delighted with your choice!

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